Christmas Light Installation




House Lighting

House lighting is a great way to brighten up winter during the holiday season. The lights we provide are commercial grade, made in Canada and built to last for years compared to the lights in box stores. All of our house lighting is custom cut to your home for straight lines and greater curb appeal. Whether you want classic C9 bulbs or the more modern G30s our lights are available in a variety of colours and screw into the socket wire like a standard light bulb. If one bulb burns out it can easily be replaced and all the other bulbs stay lit.

Tree and Shrub String Lights

Tree and shrub lighting is a great way to accent the natural beauty of your yard. Tress and bushes adorned with Christmas lights illuminate the yard and give your home an overall festive look. Whether you want a canopy wrap of a tall evergreen, or individual branches wrapped with mini lights we can reach up to 35 feet. Typical bulb sizes includes C6, C7, G20, and the 5mm (mini) lights.

Christmas lights come in all shapes and sizes, but not all of them work for shrubs. Net lights and mini-light strings provide overall illumination, making them ideal for most shrubs/bushes.


House Lights

  • Materials (bulbs, socket wire, clips, ext. wire) $3.60/ft
  • Installation: $2/ft
  • Above 1 Story: +$1.00/ft

Tree and Shrub Lights

  • Materials: $1.50/ft
  • Installation: Starting at $0.80/ft